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Our story began at the end of the 1980s, when technology company Rautaruukki became interested in RFID’s potential. Idesco was founded in 1989 to develop its own identification technology, as an independent company. As a consequence, we were literally one of the world’s first companies to begin developing commercial RFID solutions. Those first solutions were deployed in applications like tube post systems, device identification supporting maintenance and repair, and in automated refueling systems.

We knew we were pioneers at the time. It inspired us to create novel, unprecedented solutions for customers that were coming to us from a broad spectrum of businesses – all to leverage the exciting potential the new RFID technology promised. We quickly embraced an imperative that our products withstand dirt, extreme temperatures and impacts, and operate flawlessly in widely divergent settings. As a result, some of our earliest delivered products remain on the job today, in the same setting they were installed over three decades ago. Since then, we have not compromised a centimeter from the strict durability requirements we established.

We next expanded into person identification and access control, leading us in turn to develop more sophisticated encryption as security requirements rose. Indeed, our practice of relentless development has never slowed. Our most recent expansion has been in mobile identification, where access control readers can very securely transact with users’ mobile phones, sometimes even leading to their replacing physical cards or tags.

Despite RFID’s rapid evolution and expansion, our core values remain the same: reliability, constant development, partnership and respect for the individual. We have always eagerly embraced new technologies, pursued solid, true partnerships with our customers, including some that have remained with us for decades. They value our products’ durability, our solid expertise and reliable development of the customized, unique solutions they require.

This is partly because every product we launched over the years was designed right here, in Finland. Numerous Finnish product developers, designers and mechanical design engineers worked diligently down the years to ensure not just Idesco products’ superior functionality, durability and usability, but also their uniquely Finnish design aesthetic. Indeed, that is how Design from Finland eventually acknowledged Idesco, granting us the privilege to display their logo.

Whereas only a portion of our products are assembled at our Oulu headquarters, we are proud to emphasize that everything Idesco makes is European-manufactured. This lets us closely monitor our products’ development, from conception to finished product, often all in the same building. Approximately 40 employees work for Idesco, primarily in Oulu, with sales personnel spread across Finland. Idesco, part of Swedish Lagercrantz Group, remains Finland’s market leader and is on a steady growth path upon the Europe continent.

In closing, countless people use our products daily, to access their homes, workplaces, vehicles, tools sets and shared conveniences. Quite often our products display the logos of our customers because they also entrust us with manufacturing for their branded product families. As a result we proudly say: every day Idesco readers are used by countless people around the world for access control, vehicle and asset identification across a broad range of settings, enhancing security, saving resources, time and energy. We are proud to be: Idesco.

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