Secure access control

Idesco access control readers secure doors and entrances, providing secure and convenient authorized access to premises and assets. They work with various card technologies and are compatible with different access control systems. They have various configurable features enabling you to enhance their functionality and user experience according to your site’s special requirements. If you are planning access control outdoors, you have come to the right place. Idesco access control readers provide the highest combined impact resistance and durability ratings in the market. With wide operational temperature areas, they work reliably in all environments.

Contact your local system supplier and ask for Idesco access control readers. If you want to know more about Idesco products or you’d like to know how to buy Idesco access control readers in your region, please contact us.

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Idesco access control readers for different areas

Flexible management, convenient use

Mobile access solutions

Mobile-enabled Idesco readers, free Idesco ID mobile access app, and flexible Idesco ID mobile credential management solutions provide you and your personnel a convenient migration to authenticate and access with personal mobile phones.

IK-09-10, IP54-67, – 40 °C – +55 °C

Tough environments

Known for their toughness and durability in challenging environments, Idesco access control readers have proven to be a good choice for sites with special requirements such as prisons and public places. Reliable mechanical tamper alarm, tough reader structure that takes impacts, and keypads that don’t collect snow or ice between the keys are just some examples of tough Idesco reader features reducing your access control system maintenance costs.

Accessible and easy to use

For everyone, everywhere

We design our access control readers as easy to use as possible. Tactile keypads, visible numbers, dot on five, pin pad backlighting in dark, adjustable buzzer sounds and various installation angles ensure our readers are accessible also for visually impaired persons, or from wheelchairs. For hands-free access e.g. in hospitals or factories we provide an option reading a card attached e.g. in clothing from a distance up to 4 meters.

Secure access control by MIFARE DESFire & OSDP

High security settings

With efficient encryption for data from card to host Idesco readers have been chosen for several high security settings such as banks and military sites.

Data collection and payroll administration

Time and attendance

Collect time & attendance data for payroll administration and fulfil your other employer obligations by collecting worktime and employee entrance data with Idesco readers.

Self service

Payments and other interactive solutions

Idesco display and touch screen devices provide interactivity for access control, enabling user to choose items or control functions on touch screen or keypad, and receive system-mediated feedback on display. These are used for payments, e.g. authenticating users in workplace canteen with their personal access control card and taking payments.

Access control readers to all system requirements


Security is the number one access control requirement. We highly recommend open standard MIFARE DESFire and OSDP access control technologies. Together they provide an encrypted data transfer all the way from access control card to system host. Pin code option enhances your access control security even further.


Tough and reliable Idesco readers have been serving in various access control settings for more than 30 years worldwide.  Open standard technologies and highly configurable, updatable future-proof Idesco access control readers are the basis of an accesss control system with continuity and a long life-span. With highest durability ratings for out products, we also support you with experienced customer service ready to help you with all questions.

Finnish design, European manufacturing

All Idesco products have been designed in Finland and manufactured in Europe. Engineers, designers and customer service professionals close to you are ready to serve you in all questions related to our maunufacturing, products or product quality.

Customer comments about Idesco access control readers

Ari Pakarinen, Specialist

Finland’s Prison and Probation Service

“I know correction sites in which the same Idesco readers have been constantly serving for as long as 25 years. “Idesco readers are very reliable. There are no faults in them”.
Tom Ojala, CEO


“It was so rapid and convenient to integrate Idesco ID with our Asio booking system”
Petri Kiianlinna


“The expertise of Idesco’s technical support was excellent. Their deliveries were prompt and on time, ensuring our own deliveries to our customer’s construction sites were on-time. The product quality was excellent, we haven’t had to return one single reader”.
Access control with more than 30 years of experience

Idesco access control readers

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