Design from Finland taps Idesco

Idesco authorized to display Design from Finland logo

Idesco’s RFID products and Idesco ID service have been officially authorized by the Association for Finnish Work to display their Design from Finland logo. Idesco RFID readers are used in access control and other identification systems throughout the world, while Idesco ID service simplifies distribution of access rights to users’ phones, directly from a site’s system.

Design from Finland, administered by the Association for Finnish Work, acknowledges products, product groups or services demonstrating superior Finnish design competence. The presence of their logo identifies a Finnish company that has invested in, and achieved business advantages through, their professional design. Products and services bearing Design from Finland’s logo aren’t just designed in Finland. The logo also conveys design and production were conducted in a professional, responsible, user-oriented manner, by a company committed to transparency about their production chain and country of origin.

“Idesco Oy is a good example of how investment in design has created business benefits and given it a competitive edge. We are pleased that the number of logomark owners continues growing. In more and more industries, Finnish companies are using design to support their business while disclosing the primary country of origin of their products or services,” reflects Marketing Manager Niina Ollikka from the Association for Finnish Work.

“All products we have launched over the years have been designed in Finland. Numerous Finnish product developers, designers and mechanical design engineers have worked to ensure Idesco products’ top functionality, durability, usability and design”, comments Anu-Leena Arola, Sales Director from Idesco Oy.

“Lately, we began noticing how much Finnish design and craftmanship are valued more internationally. We wanted to highlight our quality more, so we chose to apply to Design from Finland”, Arola continues.

“A product or service bearing the Design from Finland logo isn’t merely one designed and intended for a specific purpose. Rather, it identifies a company that produced it in a responsible manner, promoting responsibility through sustainability, repairability, usability or material choices,” Ollikka continues.

Further information

Anu-Leena Arola, Sales Director, Idesco Oy, tel. +35840 706 6546

Niina Ollikka, Marketing Manager, Design from Finland / Association for Finnish Work, tel. +35840 674 8773,

Idesco Oy is one of the oldest RFID companies in the world, with more than 30 years of experience. Our products are RFID readers, system controllers, touch screen RFID devices and mobile access solutions. Idesco ID concepts brings virtual access cards to phones, securely and conveniently, directly from customers’ own systems, without need to use parallel systems for mobile access management.

Products and services bearing the Design from Finland mark have been designed in Finland in a professional, responsible and user-oriented manner. The headquarters of Design from Finland companies are located in Finland. These companies have disclosed their products’ or services’ production chain structure and country of origin.

The Association for Finnish Work endeavours to increase the appreciation of Finnish work and to further the success of Finnish work. Our duty is to promote employment in Finland.