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    • Product code and description
    • Amount and price
    • Your order reference number, if available
    • Invoicing address and delivery address
    • Name and e-mail address of the contact person
    • E-mail address for order confirmation (if not the same as above)
    • Delivery method
    • Freight account number – Idesco’s or yours. If yours, then IMPORT account.
    • Requested delivery date for each row in the order
    • Partial shipment ok / not ok
  • The product code precisely specifies your product, which makes it essential for your order. Without it, we can’t identify what product you want! If you’re ordering for the first time, your sales contact will provide you the correct product code. Alternatively, contact Idesco customer support and ask them to generate the product code for what you want to order – we’re here for you and happy to help you with your product code-related questions. Either way, it’s essential you include product codes in your orders, otherwise we’ll have to contact you again to identify it, delaying processing of your order.

  • The product code is vitally important to have in orders regardless of whether you have ordered it before. You might have ordered several different products previously, so it’s imperative we precisely identify which product you want delivered. If you don’t know your product’s code, you can find it in your previous order confirmations, invoices or shipment notes for the product you are re-ordering.

  • Make sure that, in addition to the correct product code (and all information mentioned above), you specify any special marking and/or coding you need for your transponders.

  • If you notice something wrong with your product, contact Idesco customer support immediately. We are always eager to solve any problem you may have. Many times you will discover Idesco’s experienced technical support can solve your problem over the phone. However, if your product still doesn’t work as specified, you need to request from us – and include – an RMA number with your return shipment before you pack it to return to Idesco. That RMA number will precisely identify for us what your return shipment is, streamlining our investigation of your issue. If your product is faulty and under warranty, you’ll either receive a new product or it will be repaired for you. If it is not under warranty, and is repaired, repair costs will be invoiced to you. If you return products that do not prove faulty in tests, we will invoice you our standard testing fee. Be aware that re-configuration of products will be charged.

  • Idesco products typically possess one year warranties from the date of shipment.

  • Idesco’s reputation for agility and making rapid product changes depends heavily on you – we make you part of our team. Simultaneously, we manufacture literally hundreds of product variations for all our many customers. To protect on-time product delivery, we strongly encourage you to forecast your future product needs as much as you can. Your forecasts help maximize the efficiency of our production cycle, to better protect your order delivery times. In short: your forecasts let us serve you better!

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