EPC 2.0

Passive long range readers

Passive long range readers in vehicle ID or logistics save you both time and money. Vehicles only need to slow while passing through entrance gates for you to identify them. This can reduce time, fuel costs – and emissions. Best of all, their passive tags save you still more money over costly, high-maintenance active tags. You can instead deploy rugged, inexpensive, passive tags detectable out to 10 – 15 meters.

Idesco EPC readers are EPC 2.0 readers, providing encrypted data transfer between reader and transponder, and much simpler reader updating. These capabilities are made possible by latest standard Gen2v2. EPC 2.0 readers are fully backwards compatible with earlier EPC transponder versions.

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What is passive long range technology

Passive UHF technology means transponders don’t need batteries to work. Instead, they harvest the energy needed to reply directly from the original query signal sent by your reader. In contrast, active transponders require batteries to reply, profoundly increasing their cost over passive transponders.

Worse, they’ll also require regular servicing to replace depleted batteries. So, wherever a detection range of 10 to 15 meters is sufficient, passive UHF technology will prove both more reliable and much more cost-effective.

Idesco EPC long range readers for different areas

Vehicle identification

Idesco EPC 2.0 readers detect vehicles at gates and parking halls, enabling convenient vehicle identification even without stopping. With auxiliary antenna, you can detect traffic on two opposite lanes simultaneously. Besides windshield tags, EPC 2.0 also read dual tags suitable for both vehicle identification and person access control. Your employees only need one tag for entering the parking hall and their workplace.


EPC 2.0 readers are very suitable for various logistics settings with reading distances up to 10-15 meters. They work with passive UHF tags that are more cost-effective and reliable, and available for various applications and surfaces. For each setting there are dedicated tags from metal surfaces to washable laundry tags, streamlining any logistics application in any environment.

Hands-free access

With automated doors, small, but efficient EPC 2.0 Compact provides hands-free access from a distance up to 4 meters. Authorized access without need to stop and show a card to a reader provides convenience and saves time in hospitals or factories where there are hospital beds or other equipment in transit.

Long range readers to all system requirements

AES encryption

Secure 128-bit AES encryption under the new Gen2v2 standard which also enables convenient reader updates by a configuration card, without uninstalling.


Reads all the tags in their read range simultaneously. Ideal for any application you design that could regularly confront dense transit point traffic.

Detect direction

Lets you determine a tag’s direction by its sequential detection across two zones. Ideal for traffic assessment applications.

Multi-app support

Parking lot vehicle access can be combined with residential or workplace access in a single transponder. Even add cafeteria lunch payment!

Auxiliary antenna

A second antenna lets a reader work like two! You can detect traffic on opposed lanes, expand your zone or even detect tag direction.

Adjust read range

Adjustable power lets you adjust your detection zone. This is a valuable feature when you need to exclude tags from more distant vehicles.

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