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European-made RFID readers

What kind of an RFID reader do you need? Access control with phones or tags, vehicle identification, logistics? Idesco RFID readers will be compatible with your needs, regardless of system, technology, interface or configurability requirements. Download our free guide, designed for integrators and managers. Its insights on security, applications and environments will help you choose the right RFID reader for your next project.

RFID readers are the most visible part of identification systems, reading users' access cards, sending credentials to hosts, sometimes writing new data on a card. While appearance can be important for blending into a setting, RFID readers' functional role in a system is always primary. That's why, for example, withstanding low temperatures and other harsh conditions is a vital when deploying outdoors. Wherever security is a factor, RFID readers must support the latest features to protect your site. Recently, reading phone credentials over Bluetooth / NFC has grown popular in access control. All these features and more for enhancing your system are offered in Idesco RFID readers. Click the tutorial link above to learn more.

NFC Bluetooth RFID readers

NFC/Bluetooth RFID readers

Mobile access with smartphones is both convenient and secure. Idesco mobile-compatible RFID readers and mobile solutions greatly simplify introducing mobile access to your employees and site's visitors. We already offer a free Android- and iOS-compatible mobile app for your users that our mobile-compatible RFID readers recognize. Our Idesco ID service enhances that convenience, letting you send credentials to users' phones, directly from your own system, while eliminating any need for a parallel or cloud-based mobile credential system.

Vandal-proof RFID readers

RFID readers must stay on the job without monitoring and constant maintenance. That's why, at Idesco, we build RFID readers to meet the two highest SFS-EN 62262 durability ratings, withstanding impacts up to 20 joules. We do it by encasing our RFID reader's internal electronics in epoxy that fills their entire housing, and designing pin pads without easily-damaged moving parts. The result is a tough RFID reader that system integrators and users alike have learned to trust above all others.

RFID reader durability

RFID readers for outdoors

Protection class ratings up to IP67 are what ensures Idesco RFID readers don't let any dust or moisture inside the housing. Our keypad readers come in two types. Our mechanical, responsive keypads meet stringent Scandinavian requirements, while our capacitive keypads contain no moving parts. Both withstand humidity, snow and frost extremely well and Idesco RFID readers have the widest operable temperature range on the market: from -40 °C to +55 °C. If you need a reader staying on the job in any conditions, Idesco's maintenance-free RFID readers are your best choice.

Open standard RFID readers

It pays to plan for future evolution when you design a system. Standardized, open technology RFID readers are the wisest choice to guarantee both compatibility and sourcing in your system's future. Open technologies permit sourcing from different RFID reader brands during expansion or updating, making them them powerfully cost-effective. It's why Idesco RFID readers support MIFARE and EPC standards, in addition to LEGIC's ecosystem.

Adaptable RFID readers

RFID's evolution is accelerating as it integrates into Information Technology. It's why Idesco designs its RFID readers to lower the costs of your system's future evolution. By making them dynamically configurable we allow you to deploy them confidently across a wider range of tasks and applications. (For example, patching an auxiliary antenna to an Idesco's EPC reader lets it function as two, separate readers, interrogating vehicle traffic on opposing lanes.) By maximizing the convenience of RFID reader updates, Idesco allows your system to evolve longer without device replacement. They can be updated or even reconfigured while still powered and installed. Their multiple technology support doesn't just flex to your system's changing priorities, but even supports technology migration at profoundly lowered cost.

RFID readers easy to install and use

Idesco designs RFID readers to define convenience. For example, we designed our Quattro housing to fit over electrical sockets, for ideal siting over existing socket holes to avoid laying additional cable. The profile of our Slim housing was designed to ensure its perfect fit on standard doorframes. We have even designed a variety of accessories to speed their on-site installation, actually enhance their performance and improve appearance. Angled backplates for RFID reader installations enhance accessibility and can make it easier to use

RFID reader backplate

RFID readers with most common interfaces and data protocols

A quality RFID reader should always be able to accommodate the major system interfaces. Naturally, this is an integral feature designed into almost all Idesco readers. We have also maximally engineered them to protect your system's security, e.g. with bi-directional OSDPV2 data protocol. For enhanced security, Idesco RFID readers include flexibly programmable, reliable optical tamper alarms for transmission to your system whenever a reader is being pried from its surface or similarly tampered with. Lastly, our readers are designed to function across a very wide voltage range; they will stay on-the-job through brownouts that shut other brands down.

Most secure RFID readers

Idesco's latest generation RFID readers deploy MIFARE® DESFire technology, now the most secure RFID technology on the market. DESFire protects transponders' application data from hackers and cloners with keys encrypted by truly robust TDES and AES ciphers. This is what guarantees nobody can read your transponders except your own system's readers. Even when you don't deploy DESFire or Mifare Classic you can still powerfully strengthen your system's security by deploying Idesco pin pad readers to accept user's pin codes.

Low energy RFID readers

The newest Idesco RFID readers draw as little as 60% of the power used by competitors' readers on the market. So, our readers' low power consumption not only means a lower energy bill, it can also mean lower peripherals costs (e.g. APUs, converters) for your system - lowering overall costs even further.


How do you choose the right RFID reader? Download our tutorial.

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