• RFID transponder
  • Windshield tag
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  • Long-range identification
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  • Combined person & vehicle ID

EPC Tags

We offer a variety of cost-effective, maintenance-free passive UHF EPC tags for your long-range ID applications. From metal surfaces, windshields, to combined personal/VID transponders, reliable out to 15 meters with Idesco UHF readers.

Idesco’s passive EPC tags are designed for a variety of long-distance applications, including automatic vehicle identification, logistics and access control. Most importantly, because our EPC tags are passive (no batteries), they won’t bleed your budget with their cost, with endless battery replacements and service, nor tax your patience by breaking down at the worst moment.  That’s because our EPC tags not only accommodate a variety of deployments from windshields to metal, but are designed for long life, zero maintenance and robust reliability through the worst inclement conditions.

  • Passive EPC transponders don’t use batteries, are an order of magnitude less expensive, last for decades!
  • Variety: Windshields, metal surfaces, keychain, EPC/Mifare combo cards. All customisable with your logo.
  • Dual technology access control with EPC transponders:  Parking  and door access on one card





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Idesco EPC 2.0 reads multiple passive encrypted transponders simultaneously, at ranges out to 10 meters. No more traffic jams!

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