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MIFARE tags provide multi-application capabilities and high security features enabled by MIFARE® technology. Available: MIFARE Classic 1K Card + 4K Card, MIFARE Classic 1K Tag 2402, MIFARE Classic 1K Tag 1802, MIFARE Classic 1K Blue Sail Tag

Two of the most distinctive qualities of MIFARE technology are the depth of its security combined with its versatility. Whether your site simply needs highly secure access control or is planning a full-fledged multi-application deployment, MIFARE tags meet both needs securely and easily.  Our variety of MIFARE tags includes Classic technology tags with multi-application capabilities and high security features enabled by MIFARE® technology.

  • Cards or tags with your logo? No problem! Send your artwork and we’ll customize your MIFARE tags!
  • Access control convenience: Keyring MIFARE tags are easier for users, and help speed compliance.
  • Truly TOUGH coin tags; we laminate our coin MIFARE tags with durable epoxy to make sure they last!




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Europe’s toughest configurable Mifare UID reader has highest combined protection / durability ratings (IP67 and IK-09/10). You can trust it to stay on the job!

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DESFire reader

This highly flexible, updatable and migratable open technology access control reader secures your transponders from hacking and cloning with the latest DESFire encryption – rely on it!

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This is the market’s most secure open tech RFID reader with full 128-bit AES encrypted upstream data transfer. AES RFID means you can trust your credentials will stay secure from skimmers!

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LEGIC reader

Looking for the best LEGIC reader? You found it! Europe’s highest combined protection/ durability ratings means you can rely on 8 CL 2.0 to keep securing your Legic system site.

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GPRS RFID wireless RFID reader

A tough (IP65) wireless RFID reader that securely transacts with your controller across phone channels. Ideal for truly remote sites or locations unable to accommodate cabling.

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RFID door lock RFID door handle

This door lock will install quickly (no cables), replacing your old lock, improving security while streamlining your key management for cost savings. Door Handle is a smart choice!

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low frequency tags

From printable cards and epoxy laminated coin tags to custom decal keyrings, either indoor or outdoor settings whatever your low frequency application need – let us help you.

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RFID tag encoder

User-friendly yet powerful Migration Station reads credentials from your site’s legacy cards and tags, then rapidly rewrites them to new, more secure, user transponders.

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