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Besides readers and tags we provide additional complementary services to support you. Agile product customizations and flexible security key management are our core competence, ensuring that you can concentrate serving your own customers. In addition to product related complementary services, we also provide product and technology trainings, helping you to sell solutions to your own customers. We serve you with 35 years of experience.


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  • We can provide you manually or automatically programmed tags and cards to your specification, with customised labels and laser carvings. If you need, we also provide numbered lists according to your specification with your tags.

  • You can have your own logo on our products, increasing your brand visibility on installation sites. Logos are stickers or logo carvings depending on the product. Please contact us to ask more information about minimum orders and prices. If you need help with sticker design or placement, please contact us. We also provide other customer specific materials, such as installation instructions.

  • If you need help with product configurations, we will re-configure and program devices to your specification. We also conduct product testing for you. The chargeable test service concerns products that are no longer under warranty, or are not faulty. Of course, testing is not charged for products that are under warranty.

  • DESFire is universally acknowledged to be one of the world’s securest identification technologies. Nevertheless, DESFire requires that matching security keys are programmed on readers and their transponders. Consequently, programming, managing and securing your system’s security keys is integral to your deployment of DESFire technology.

    The good news is Idesco offers options for simplifying these essential security tasks. Idesco Security Key Management spans a range of support all the way up to full service, where we program your readers and transponders with security keys, delivering them directly to your installation site. Security Key Management saves you time, resources, letting you concentrate on your core task – implementing secure access control for your customers or end-users. Ordering readers remains fast and simple, because you don’t need to worry about programming and configuring the readers we can deliver directly to your end customer’s site.

    Of course, if you prefer, you can also purchase unprogrammed readers and transponders you program independently, managing and securing your keys to meet your own information security requirements. It’s why we also offer the DESCoder programming tool to let you build customized reader configurations in addition to programming security keys for readers and transponders.

    With Idesco, you own your security keys, meaning that you decide where they are stored and how they are used. They are and remain your property.

  • We are happy to share our 35-year expertise about RFID product and technologies. We organise different trainings at Idesco headquarters or other sites with customised programs. Sometimes an issue is best resolved onsite. We can also visit you or your end-customers for onsite product trainings.

  • Idesco ID is the easiest way to migrate to mobile phone access in small or large organisations. You can manage mobile ID’s in your own system, and send them to users’ phones directly from your own system. Idesco ID service is flexible and scalable in different business models. You pay only for using the service – no yearly licenses.

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