MIFARE DESFire – when your security is paramount

Your overall security

It depends heavily on technology. Since older UID technologies no longer protect against hacking and cloning, and Wiegand can’t encrypt, Idesco designs readers using modern, secure technologies. We strongly endorse MIFARE DESFire and OSDP.

Modern security saves you money

MIFARE DESFire is a wise choice

MIFARE DESFire provides more than world-class security, cutting-edge mutual authentication and deep encryption. Its open technology standard also maximizes sourcing flexibility – it won’t paralyze your business or site maintenance the way proprietary sources can.

Idesco’s tough, reliable MIFARE DESFire readers are also designed adaptable enough to suit widely different systems and needs. Combined with our expert support and commitment to your security key ownership – you can see better why Idesco DESFire readers truly are your wisest choice.

MIFARE DESFIRE expands your security benefit

How we make high security cost-effective for you

We manage your DESFire journey

Idesco: your DESFire expert

Whether you are a MIFARE DESFire newcomer, have needs encompassing EV2, EV3, or diversified keys, or you plan to code internally, we ARE your DESFire experts and here to help you. You choose your security destination – we manage your MIFARE DESFire journey.

We can also help manage your OSDP journey

Secure your upstream data

Whether unresolved legacy Wiegand worries you, or you plan to streamline configuration and firmware updating via OSDPv2, Idesco has the experience, encryption and security expertise to help you guide your project – while also assuring your peace of mind.

Own your security keys – we will help manage them

Security Key Management

Need a best practices consult, key archiving or a full MIFARE DESFire reader and transponder coding service with deliveries to site? Our service levels scale flexibly to minimize your concerns, save time and resources, so you can focus on your project’s success.

Security Key Management makes sense with MIFARE DESFire

Three different benefits Idesco security key management provides you

Eliminate DESFire coding hassle

When Idesco manages your reader and card coding, delivering them on-site, on-time, you save time and resources, and are freed to focus entirely on your customers and your project’s success. Our goal is to maximize your cost-effectiveness.

Control your overall security

MIFARE DESFire security keys belong to owners whose sites are secured by them. Idesco merely codes with and manages them, storing them according to the strictest IT data security practices. You keep control of your overall security.

Your security keys, your freedom

Taking control of your overall security includes your right to choose your preferred device supplier. Choosing MIFARE DESFire technology is the first step. Taking ownership of your security keys is the next. Idesco supports you in both.

8 CD 2.0 OSDP

The most secure access control reader

Highly secure, robust OSDPv2 reader in a variety of housing and keypads options is compatible with other manufacturers’ DESFire devices. Configures flexibly via OSDP (File transfer), card or Idesco Mobile Coder app. With Idesco, you own your security keys – without vendor locks. Find the best OSDP reader for your setting from many vandal and moisture proof models, also mobile-enabled and display options.

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