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Supporting your physical security

Besides controlling authorised access, readers often are the most visible touch point to an identification system, which sets special requirements on their design. This is why Idesco readers are designed to be secure, elegant, reliable and easy to use.

Our customers are system providers who use Idesco readers as a part of their own systems, very often labelled by their own logo. Every day, Idesco card readers and other RFID products ensure physical security of buildings, assets and collect data in various identification and access control systems around the world.

With more than 30 years of experience we can provide continuity and support to help you keep your site secured. Take control of your site’s physical security and ask your system provider for European-manufactured, secure, open standard Idesco access control readers to protect your site, assets and personnel.

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Access control experience

Idesco secures your personnel, buildings and assets

Keeping your ID data safe

Idesco readers are built on latest access control technologies, providing efficient encrypted protection for ID data from card to reader host. Keeping the ID data safe is crucial to ensure any access to your site is authorised. Take care of your site’s security and choose modern, encrypted Idesco readers.

Easy to use

Tactile keys, configurable pin-pad backlights, dot on number five, different installation angles with backplates and many more are all Idesco readers’ little details you can choose to provide your users convenient access to your premises.

Compliant with standards

Idesco readers are based on open standard access control technologies and compatible with various system requirements. Besides this, all Idesco RFID readers have been tested and proved to operate according to regulations and laws set for these devices. Idesco also possesses the ISO9001 quality certificate.

Durable and reliable

Designed in Finland for harsh environments and all weather conditions, Idesco readers stay on job. With the highest combined protection class & impact resistance in the market, Idesco provides you the confidence you can rely on in most challenging environments; prisons, public places, from harsh Scandinavian frosty weathers to hot, dusty and steamy industrial sites.

Mobile-enabled solutions

Are you considering to provide your personnel an option to authorize their access with their phones? With Idesco mobile access solutions it is easier than ever. We provide free, intuitive mobile access app and possibility to send credentials directly from your system –  or enroll them to your system from phones. All this is secure and reliable – mobile access is protected with the same technique than contactless payments.

European manufacturing

All Idesco products are manufactured in Europe. European standards mean that we care about you and the quality of our products; whether it’s customer service, production, safety or sustainability.

How can I strengthen my overall system security?

More than just cards and tags

Overall physical security demands careful consideration of many aspects. Modern access control technologies are an integral part of overall system security to keep your personnel, buildings and assets safe. There are also other aspects you should consider, from system data transfer protocols to human factors. Learn more and read article: How can I strengthen my overall system security?

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Where to ask for Idesco products?

Available from various system suppliers

Take control of your physical security

System suppliers worldwide provide Idesco readers and other RFID products as part of their own comprehensive security or identification systems that may also include CCTV or alarm devices. Contact your local suppliers and ask for Idesco readers to protect your physical security. Idesco readers are compatible with open standards, and with various interfaces, technologies and reader types they readily connect with many kinds of system requirements.

If you want to know more about Idesco products, or you’d like to learn more about how to purchase Idesco products in your region, please contact our sales team and they’ll guide you. We are here for you.

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Learn more about other application areas

  • Access with phone, high secure encryptions, payment applications, challenging sites and various system and usability requirements – all this and much more are provided by versatile Idesco access control readers.

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  • Most people prefer keeping their phones with them. So, letting their phones also store access privileges lets you double their convenience. That is why Idesco ID service, free app and Idesco mobile-compatible readers are ready to smooth your path to safe, modern access control.

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  • Passive long range readers in vehicle identification or logistics should save you both time and money. Vehicles only need to slow while passing through entrance gates for you to identify them. This can reduce time, fuel costs – and emissions. But Idesco passive UHF EPC readers also install faster when connecting to wireless controllers. Best of all, their passive tags save you still more money over costly, high-maintenance active tags. You can instead deploy rugged, inexpensive, passive tags detectable out to 10 – 15 meters. Learn more about Idesco EPC long range readers.

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  • We provide solutions for accurate, efficient and cost-effective asset tracking and logistics. Learn more about how just in one year, ACG Pulse’s Q-Spin glove dispensary with Idesco readers lowered Prysmian Finland’s consumption of work gloves by 70 percent, with significant cost savings.

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