Contactless identification

What is RFID technology?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an accurate, cost-effective and secure identification technology that needs neither contact nor even line of sight between an identified object and a reader. Depending on the technology, an RFID reader detects an RFID tag from a distance of a few centimeters up to few meters. The principle of RFID technology is simple. When the tag is in the proximity of the reader, the reader detects the data in the tag using radio frequency and induction. Passive RFID tags do not send signals independently and they work only in proximity of the reader. Radio frequencies RFID technology is operating on are secure to humans and animals. If a tag gets lost, it is easy to remove its rights from the system by a couple of mouse clicks.

In addition to access control and recording time and attendance, RFID technology is used for example in asset marking. A tag attached to a device can include data for exampleabout the maintenance time.

Access to devices requiring an authenticated user can be controlled by RFID identification only for users with permission. Similarly, access to harmful substances or for example, to medication in hospitals can be controlled by RFID authentication. Access log shows who visited the medication storage and when, allowing also consumption tracking. Common applications to RFID are also parking solutions, bus cards and other payment solutions.

The basic principle of RFID identification still remains the same, but today, the memory and data transfer capacity have developed hugely from where they first started. Increasing security requirements have brought effective encryption methods to protect RFID tags and systems and their data. The latest in RFID technology is mobile identification, allowing RFID readers to read digital user rights in mobile phones. Mobile access rights can be used alongside physical tags, or alone.

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