Idesco does more than access control

Despite the amount of access control knowledge we publish, the truth is Idesco’s expertise extends well beyond access control. Indeed, Idesco initially began by developing custom RFID solutions for a wide variety of industry applications – and we never really stopped. Today, we still develop and provide RFID solutions for a wide variety of non-access control uses. For example, our readers were selected to help streamline processing and improve service for MariMatic’s residential waste collection site.

Global cable manufacturer Prysmian uses Idesco readers integrated to their work glove vending machines, maximizing inventory cost savings and increasing employee efficiency, while Sweden-based Veolia chose our UHF readers to streamline outbound bus traffic for its transit drivers. By contrast, Evotec deploys Idesco readers on Danish freight vehicles to better protect its drivers and their cargo.

Whether deployed for smart storage, to expand public library services, implementing Time and Attendance, strengthening construction employee tax compliance, traffic control or safety in the mining industry, the testament of RFID technology’s flexibility is the diversity of Idesco reader deployments – well beyond mere access control.