Access Touch helps track work hours

Necom’s CEO states Access Touch 4.0 is an excellent platform for their advanced time & attendance system. Its smaller profile means no power supply is needed because it’s PoE.

HR solution developer, Necom Oy, just chose Access Touch 4.0 as their preferred installed touchscreen platform for their employee time-tracking software product, Promid. Promid is Necom’s newest smart system solution for tracking and reporting on employees’ work hours and projects.

Necom’s long familiarity with Idesco touch screens was an undeniable factor in their choice. Their CEO, Matti Toivonen, from Necom stated that Access Touch 4.0 provides an excellent platform for their advanced time & attendance system. Access Touch 4.0’s smaller profile (over predecessor AT 3.1), eliminates the need for a dedicated power supply because it can be powered over ethernet. That, in turn, lets their customers site time tracking in locations much more convenient and natural for their employees.

Matti Toivonen also commented that Access Touch 4.0 proved to be a very programmer-friendly device. He was particularly satisfied with Idesco’s cooperation with Necom during Promid’s development process. “We appreciate the support we receive from Idesco”, he admitted. Lastly, Necom found the design and aesthetic appearance of Access Touch 4.0 decidedly superior to other devices on the market.

Necom’s Promid tracking system has been chosen by many businesses in Finland and abroad. Typical customers are organizations of 50 to 150 employees in industry, government and retail, for example. Employees document work hours on devices sited at convenient locations in their workplace. Time and attendance data and reports can be cloud-hosted and accessible everywhere. As needed, Promid further produces advanced, automated payroll data for salary calculations. It does this while automatically compensating for shiftwork, extra hours and the different collective labor agreements governing each employee’s salary calculation, all with remarkable time and resource savings.

Idesco’s Access Touch 4.0 supports a wide variety of RFID technologies, which means your existing access control transponder population can also support employee time recording. Whether you have HID Prox,  MIFARE® DESFire, or one of numerous other technologies, Access Touch will read your tag population. The device supports either Linux or Windows. In addition to time recording, multi-tasking Access Touch 4.0 can also serve as a payment terminal or infokiosk depending your software’s requirements.

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With over 28 years of experience, RFID technology pioneer Idesco Oy makes RFID readers, transponders, controllers and touch screen devices for customers worldwide. Every day, our devices collect data and enhance security for a variety of access control, vehicle identification, logistics and inventory control systems around the world.

RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification, accurately and automatically documents the movement of people, vehicles or commodities, reducing manual labor and errors. A major application of RFID is automatic access control regulated by personal access privileges. RFID’s advantage is its access control data can be easily tasked to support other (even widely different) purposes, such as time and attendance management.

Photo: Necom