EPC streamlines Veolia bus traffic


Global access control and security system supplier, GPP Perimeter Protection AB, was selected to deliver an automatic vehicle identification (AVI) system for bus transportation services provider, Veolia, in Hurva, Skåne, Sweden.  Veolia’s Bengt Wedin spoke about it when it was introduced, saying: “This new system, for protecting access of our lanes from unauthorized vehicles, works perfectly.” System supplier GPP Perimeter Protection AB had also expressed their satisfaction with Idesco’s products they chose to deploy for Veolia. “Idesco’s wireless devices made this application very easy to install”, recalled Mathias Torstensson from GPP Perimeter Protection.

GPP Perimeter Protection AB had already known Idesco’s products were robustly reliable in harsh and inclement conditions, including exposure to extremes of frost, dust and moisture. Veolia’s request for a reliable stand-alone bus identification system controlling motorway access of their private motorway gate ramp, eliminated any need for drivers disembarking to open their gate.  As a result, Veolia’s new AVI system built with Idesco devices, is not only safer for driver but saves them times and reduces company fuel costs by letting windshield-tagged buses transit gates without stopping. Idesco’s fast-installing and wireless plug-n-play package was comprised of EPC readers, passive (unpowered) tags, an ICU reader receiver and a DCU gate controller. “This system for expediting our vehicles not only saves us time but, even better, serves the environment by reducing fuel consumption. Consequently, the overall system solution GPP Perimeter Protection AB developed and deployed using Idesco readers and controllers has been great – we are very pleased,” concludes Bengt Wedin from Veolia.

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