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RFID reader with GPRS

Norwegian SmartDok’s identification system provides Byggekort- and ID06-compatible solutions for businesses that need to collect construction personnel data for maintaining an accurate and easily-accessible record of every worker working their sites. SmartDok chose Finnish Idesco’s robustly reliable readers to provide unprecedented convenient data transfer via GSM networks amid the Norway’s inclement conditions. SmartdDok’s solution can now deploy anywhere a dependable GSM network exists.

Recent legislation passed in Norway, Finland and Sweden for construction businesses requires they identify and collect earnings data for all employees at their sites. As a result, a construction site can only be entered now by employees carrying an assigned personnel card. The goal of the legislation has universally been to improve tax compliance and increase workplace security. It prevents using illegal workforce, improves the competitiveness of the business and quality of work, and enhances the safety culture on construction sites.

How is all this personnel data processed and reported to authorities? Before electronic cards, paper documentation was used, which required extensive time and resources and worse, was prone to errors. Migrating to electronic records has yielded significant time and resource savings.

When Norway’s legislation was implemented in 2017, SmartDok had already been selling for many years a tablet-based solution for scanning employee cards. However, SmartDok had grown dissatisfied with tablets since they were vulnerable to both theft and inclement weather. They wanted a more robust reader solution for the harsh weather that frequented their customers’ sites. They also wanted it to be very user-friendly while remaining essentially ‘bomb-proof’ against weather, withstanding both very low and high temperatures as well as extreme moisture. It needed to work reliably when first installed and stay on the job for long intervals without servicing. Lastly, since construction sites are frequently remote, cabling for the transfer of transaction data would not be an option.

Based on these criteria, SmartDok decided to look for a user-friendly, easily-installed RFID reader that could endure Norway’s harshly inclement outdoors while collecting the employee data that construction businesses had to report. They found Idesco and settled on its GSM reader, 9 CM 2.0 Wireless, to complete the solution it planned to deploy to numerous construction sites across Norway.

Robust, easy to use and manage

How does SmartDok’s system work? Account manager Sondre Andersen Dreyer explains, “The system is very easy to set up and to use. Our customers choose where to install a reader, plug in its power socket, and that’s it. After powering up, it’s ready for workers presenting cards to enter a site. Since employee data is already stored in a company’s own online databases, they are provided a thorough overview of all the time employee spends at a site. When leaving, workers again present their cards to the reader, updating the company’s database with their exit timestamp. In turn, this provides the company with all required data for reporting to authorities,” Sondre Andersen Dreyer explains.

“Our solution also lets you track who is onsite at any given moment, which is crucial in the event of an emergency or if an evacuation is ordered. Our customers now easily fulfill their obligation of maintaining an accurate record of access / exits to and from their construction sites”, Sondre Andersen Dreyer adds.

SmartDok has since installed nearly 600 of Idesco’s user-friendly 9 CM 2.0 Wireless MIFARE® readers with its systems across Norway. Tough, with a large enough LED indicator to be visible even in daylight, the reader’s GSM data connection over mobile networks profoundly simplifies data transfer. A system can now be located literally anywhere in the world serviced by mobile – and Idesco’s reader will function with it reliably. You can even configure a variety of its settings (e.g., server settings, password, pin codes of the sim card) remotely via SMS without needing to be onsite yourself.

Why Idesco?

Like other Idesco customers, SmartDok has grown to value Idesco’s tradition of close customer cooperation. Since Idesco keeps a short chain of command, it lets them closely support their partners with prompt answers to any question. “We extensively investigated their reputation, and all feedback was great. In addition to their reader meeting our requirements, Idesco being in the RFID business for almost 30 years with a practice of exhaustively testing its products – those factors were decisive for us”, Sondre Andersen Dreyer emphasizes.

Ready for the future

Foreseeing future customers’ needs, SmartDok is considering options for new enhancements and features. “Demand continues growing for our system in Sweden, and simultaneously, their ID06 card has also been undergoing major change. We are now ready to respond promptly to demand there for this kind of solution, not just in Norway”, Sondre Andersen Dreyer declares.


Founded in 1989, Idesco is one of the oldest and most experienced companies in the field of RFID technology. From the very beginning, Idesco was a pioneer in using RFID, deploying it for identification in industrial applications, such as tracking gas bottle containers. Down through the years Idesco continued expanding its reputation as a pioneer provider by innovating numerous technological alternatives and multiple technologies for a variety of different application areas. Every day, our devices collect data and enhance security for a variety of access control, vehicle identification, logistics and inventory control systems.

SmartDok is a system specifically developed for the building and construction industry. Our mission is to simplify and improve projects and processes for contractors, using a system that knows how the daily life of a contractor works.


Additonal information :

Idesco: https://idesco.fi/
9 CM 2.0 GPRS: https://idesco.fi/product/9-cm-2-0-gprs-rfid-reader/
Smartdok (Norwegian): https://www.smartdok.no/
Byggekort (Norwegian): https://www.smartdok.no/byggekortleser/
ID06 (Swedish): https://www.smartdok.se/id06-personalliggare/


Picture: SmartDok

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