Big inventory cost savings

ACG Pulse’s Q-Spin glove dispensary lowered Prysmian Finland’s consumption of work gloves by 70 percent, with significant cost savings.

Did you know your RFID transponders can readily assume new workplace tasking, e.g. streamlining stock management and lowering vendor costs? Cable manufacturer Prysmian Finland recently deployed ACG Pulse’s automatic glove vending system to stock and provide work gloves onsite to Prysmian’s employees. In just one year, ACG Pulse’s Q-Spin glove dispensary lowered Prysmian Finland’s consumption of work gloves by 70 percent, with significant cost savings. Q-Spin was designed to boost Prysmian productivity by ensuring work gloves were available to Prysmian employees whenever they needed them. In turn, the Q-Spin system streamlines ACG Pulse’s own stock management by monitoring in real time the remaining amounts of gloves in each of their dispensaries.

Prysmian employees activate their Q-Spin glove dispensaries with the same RFID card they use to access their workplace. The RFID reader ACG Pulse chose for their systems was the Idesco 7 C 2.0. Jarmo Nissinen, ACG Pulse’s CEO, confirms the 7 C 2.0 has been an excellent match for their system. “In general, Idesco is a reliable supplier, their readers are of great quality and easy to use, delivery is fast and customer support is always available when we need it”, Jarmo Nissinen explains. Product development manager Esa Järvinen adds, “Idesco was our choice because they react very fast to support requests and share technical information. Numerous formats and standards exist in this field, but with Idesco’s products we were able to cover all of our customers’ needs, says Esa Järvinen.

No less importantly, Q-Spin dispensaries have also noticeably enhanced productivity at Prysmian’s Finnish plants. Before Q-Spin, work gloves were kept in locked storage from where supervisors would issue them to requesting workers – some who’d been awaiting a supervisor’s arrival. Gloves are now instantly available to any employee needing them, with no wait. Employees sign-in to the Q-Spin system with their workplace RFID access cards, select the desired product from its control panel which responds by dropping the item into the opening, recording its delivery and updating its inventory and user account databases. Consumption and other statistics are accessible via Internet for follow-up and stock optimization.

The interface between Q-Spin and Prysmian’s production time and attendance management system (integrated by JotBar Solutions Oy) was implemented by ACG Pulse cooperatively with JotBar Solutions Oy and Prysmian. The resultant solution has since proven its technical reliability, huge consumption savings and productivity improvements. Jarmo Nissinen, CEO of ACG Pulse estimates the interval of Prysmian’s return on investment with Q-Spin will be less than a year. “Idesco has had a crucial role ensuring Q-Spin’s flawless function, since our system depends so much on their reader, says Jarmo Nissinen.

See how Prysmian’s glove vending system works – take a look at ACG Pulse’s video.

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