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Unique access & rescue control in deep mining environment


pyhasalmi_mine2Pyhäsalmi Mine, Europe’s second deepest underground mine, has deployed a combined access control and rescue control system designed specifically for mining environments. This one-of-a-kind system, designed by Identoi Oy, was developed in extensive co-operation with Pyhäsalmi Mine. To supply the system’s readers, Identoi has chosen Idesco.

As part of Pyhäsalmi Mine’s ongoing investment in work safety, management recognized the collection of infallible access control data was essential. Deployed RFID-readers and worker transponders now ensure this access control data is thoroughly reliable. This is because, in the event of an accident, that data could become potentially life-saving. With access points covering entrances to the mine’s emergency shelters, it will be simple to determine which miners have reached them. This saves invaluable time and resources searching for looking for those who haven’t yet reached a shelter. Since blasting is also part of regular mining operations, accurate access control data can confirm that all miners are safely exited beforehand. The identities of all underground personnel are displayed in real-time on monitors at each mine entrance and exit. Additionally, the system easily accommodates non-employee visitors who are also issued IDs.

Pyhäsalmi Mine Oy expressed satisfaction with both their precisely-tailored access control and emergency rescue system and Identoi’s rapid deployment. “The system delivered by Identoi saves us important seconds in emergency situations, but I really hope we never need to use it in a real situation”, says Pyhäsalmi Mine Oy’s Managing Director Kimmo Luukkonen. “In evacuation rehearsals the system has proven advantageous, with all workers reaching emergency shelters in less than ten minutes”, he adds.

The system’s access points at entrances/exits and in emergency shelters deploy numerous Idesco 7 CE readers, connected to the mine’s Ethernet network. Outside the mine area’s gate Idesco EPC readers assist in identifying entering vehicles. “We chose Idesco because, from our long-standing co-operation with them, we already knew we could rely both on Idesco’s technical knowledge and the expertise of their customer support”, says Sakari Vaara, CEO, Identoi Oy.


For additional information, please contact:

Jari Valtonen, CEO, Idesco Oy, tel: +358 400 583 467
Sakari Vaara, CEO, Identoi Oy, tel: +358 40 553 9347

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