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Self-service libraries are growing increasingly common. In turn, this has increased demand for user-friendly, reliable readers to identify visitors wanting access to the library when service personnel are not available. Finnish library automated solutions provider Mikro-Väylä Oy has been helping libraries expand their accessibility with self-service. Idesco’s RFID display reader is now an integral part of Mikro-Väylä’s solution, identifying visitors by RFID library cards (or barcode) and a personal pin code. Their system guides visitors with displayed visual instructions after Idesco’s RFID reader authenticates them via their RFID cards and pin code.

Idesco 8 CD 2.0 D Pin readers have already been installed in numerous Finnish libraries, with the number steadily increasing. In most cases, readers are sited at outdoor entrances with some libraries also installing readers inside. For example, the National Library of Finland now authenticates all registered visitors to its special reading room via their library cards. Mika Salokangas, National Library of Finland’s Service Manager, says this solution simplifies their service process. Before, customers had to show both their library card and personal ID to receive reserved materials. Now, they only need identify themselves upon arrival with no further identification required to access reserved materials.

At the University of Helsinki’s Kaisa House library, overnight returns require authentication before a return will be accepted, to prevent vandalism of the return mechanism. User authentication has additionally helped them track visitor traffic cycles.

Mikro-Väylä‘s CEO, Miika Vacker, said they chose Idesco’s display reader, because it offered the most convenient solution for their needs. It provided a display, RFID reader and keypad within the same device and easily interfaced with their own solution.  “Installing a separate display with our own device would have required VGA or HDMI cabling and a separate power supply out. It would have been expensive and difficult to implement”, Vacker explained. “Simultaneously, we can solve many other problems. Barcodes will still be generally used for a while, but RFID cards are coming. We shall soon see some major libraries migrating from barcode cards to RFID cards. Nowadays, libraries require this feature in bid invitations yet Idesco’s reader already provides it”, Miika Vacker notes.

“Idesco’s reader guides visitors by providing sequential visual instructions on its display. You can store instructional images in the reader, update or change them from the system using reliable OSDP v2 protocol via RS-485 connection. We are also planning to send text to display via OSDP messages in the future”, Miika Vacker says.

Miika also comments, “The reader is very easy to use, first-timers get in to the library without personal guidance. By following the visual instructions any customer from juniors to seniors can use self-service libraries”. Miika further explains that, “Access control with a display is important to libraries as it is otherwise impossible to guide all library users separately on use of the device.”

With 30 years of experience, RFID technology pioneer Idesco Oy makes RFID readers, transponders, controllers and touch screen devices for customers worldwide. Every day around the world, our devices collect data and enhance security for a variety of access control, vehicle identification, logistics and inventory control systems.

Mikro-Väylä Oy is a family business established in the 1980s. We are the largest library automation supplier when comparing the number of domestic installations. Mikro-Väylä designs and manufactures Bookmatic automatons for loans, assorting returns, robotics solutions, access control systems and RFID readers and applications. Mikro-Väylä’s products and services enhance library logistics and materials handling and make library services easier to use and access. We are proud of our own product development and strong know-how in installations and maintenance.

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