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Our story

Founded in 1989, Idesco is one of the world's oldest, most experienced RFID technology suppliers. From its beginning, Idesco was a pioneer of RFID, deploying it in industrial applications, such as gas container tracking, logistics and medical applications, like sample tracking. We acquired a habit of developing products cooperatively with customers, tailoring to meet unique requirements. Our reputation as a pioneer grew from devising novel solutions and even new technologies, for a variety of industries and settings.

Those early years forged our guiding principle: work closely with customers and react immediately to their support requests. They taught us that being agile and flexible - not just experienced - was invaluable to them. We also adopted a commitment to reliability, individual respect, true partnership and unrelenting development to better serve our customers. Idesco grew into a company today of about forty employees today, still headquartered in Oulu, Finland. We design and build RFID readers, transponders, controllers, touch screen devices, as well as the code they run on. Every day, our devices collect data and enhance security for access and inventory control, vehicle identification and logistics around the world. Our tough, adaptable, devices anchor some of the world's most dynamic, cost-effective identification systems.

Our device quality and reliability is matched by our reputation for expert technical support. Customers trust and rely on us because our expertise keeps them profitable - and we never take them for granted. We diligently monitor customer satisfaction, which is why our customers consistently grade our technical support at a significantly higher level than industry average. As Finland's market leader and on a strong growth path in Scandinavia, we are committed to expanding our market and message of quality products and service to the rest of the world. We maintain sales offices in Jyväskylä, Turku and Helsinki's municipal area, and close cooperation with our sister company ACTE Sp. z o.o in Poland. Idesco is jointly-owned by Lagercrantz Group and company management.

How satisfied are our customers with us?


“The expertise of Idesco’s technical support was excellent. Their deliveries were prompt and on time, ensuring our own deliveries to our customer’s construction sites were on-time. The product quality was excellent, we haven’t had to return one single reader”. Petri Kiianlinna, Loginets.

ACG Pulse

"Idesco is a reliable supplier, their readers are of great quality and easy to use, delivery is fast and customer support is always available when we need it”. Jarmo Nissinen, ACG Pulse


“The Idesco Slim PIN reader range is well-designed, allowing it to be installed in most environments. Indeed, it only took an average of 15 minutes to replace an old device with a new one." Jan Terje By, G4S Secure Solutions AS (Nokas),

Capitis Control

"Deploying Idesco readers provides a distinct benefit to us as a system integrator. For, with Idesco readers, we have no maintenance costs from broken readers. Even when exposed to moisture or temperature changes, they operate just fine, regardless of where we install them". Petri Tomperi, Capitis Control

GPP Perimeter Protection

“This new system, for protecting access of our lanes from unauthorized vehicles, works perfectly.” Bengt Wedin, Veolia. “Idesco’s wireless devices made this application very easy to install”. Mathias Torstensson, GPP Perimeter Protection.

Schneider Electric

“We chose to use Idesco’s Access 8CD 2.0 Slim Pin readers. This type of reader is very easy to configure, re-configure. It manages several different card technologies and in our case, the DESFire technology”. Anders Aagaard, Schneider Electric.


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