• RFID reader with display
  • RFID reader with keypad

8 CD 2.0 D Pin (OSDP v2)

RFID reader display permits powerful OSDP v2 user-interactivity, secures information flow

This OSDP v2-compliant 8 CD 2.0 version, housed in an RFID reader display, number keypad and function keys, is freely programmable to meet a wide variety of tasks. We designed the RFID reader display to provide not only more detailed read event feedback (e.g. access granted/denied, system state, etc.) but greater user interactivity and information flow (via keypad and function keys).

  • OSDP version 2 compliant, fully secure two-way information flow
  • RFID reader display (2,4 inch colour)
  • Secure and flexible new generation DESFire reader technology, highly configurable
  • Convenient mechanical keypad with raised keys, freely programmable function keys
  • Detailed reading event feedback (e.g. access granted / access denied) and user-specific info
  • Greater user interactivity (via keypad and function keys)

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