Legic readers

Robust, secure Idesco LEGIC® readers

Idesco 8 CL 2.0 LEGIC® reader combines advanced technological features with remarkable reliability. LEGIC®, a secure, readily-updatable standard that supports multiple embedded applications on a single system, is further enhanced in Idesco 8 CL 2.0.

As one of Legic’s licensed partners, our 8 CL 2.0 LEGIC® readers enjoy the same robust reliability our other products provide: moisture- and dust-proofing, a wide range of temperature tolerance, and the world’s highest combined IP protection and IK impact durability.

That’s why 8 CL 2.0 not only supports LEGIC® Prime and Advant, but other technologies such as MIFARE® DESFire and Ultralight. Even better, 8 CL 2.0 can secure its upstream data over Wiegand behind virtually unbreakable 128 bit AES encryption.

As a licensed LEGIC partner, we have a long experience of LEGIC readers, and our support team can provide you robust LEGIC® chip technology expertise.


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