• 125 kHz
  • RFID transponder
  • Proximity tags
  • Low frequency
  • Keyholder tag
  • Proximity card
  • EM 4102 Card
  • EM 4102 (2402 Tag)
  • EM 4102 Sail
  • HID Prox Keyfob
  • HID Prox Card

Low Frequency Tags

Available low frequency tags (125 kHz): EM 4102 Card, EM 4102 (2402 Tag), EM 4102 Sail, HID Prox Keyfob, HID Prox Card

Whether your application is sited indoors or outdoors, whether cost, convenience, durability or brand recognition drives your consideration, our low frequency tags and cards (125 kHz) will meet your need. Our low frequency cards are made of durable PVC and are readily printed by one of two different thermal methods.  Our epoxy-laminated coin low frequency tags readily secure inside a stylish leather holder while our colorful keychain sail low frequency tags are made of tough polycarbonate.

  • Low frequency tags or cards with your logo? No problem! Send your artwork and we’ll customize your low frequency tags for you.
  • Access control convenience. Keyring low frequency tags are easier for users, and help speed compliance.
  • Compatibility; perfect home for EM and HID Prox credentials!



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