• Read write RFID reader
  • Vending applications
  • RFID card encoding

9 CD 2.0

Reliable read write RFID device supports MIFARE® Classic and MIFARE® DESFire technologies

9 CD 2.0 is a sleek new generation MIFARE® DESFire read write RFID reader designed with user-friendliness and your convenience in mind – but also enhanced with sector read-write capability and unmatched configurability. 9 CD 2.0 can power you through user authentication, coding and migration tasks speedily, reliably and securely, whether your site’s population numbers a dozen or a thousand.  Combine with our DESCoder and create your own configuration cards, or easily install the module in specialized vending applications.

  • Reliable read write RFID device supporting MIFARE® Classic and MIFARE® DESFire technologies
  • Desktop housing with card holder is a perfect match for wall installations
  • Desktop housing has a USB interface: convenient with DESCoder coding tool
  • Flexible: Transponder coding, user authentication, vending applications
  • Speedy tag migration: reads, writes Mifare Classic (1k & 4k) & DESFire (AES or 3DES)!
  • Powerful Tool: Code your own configuration cards for 8 CD 2.0 readers
  • Expand your capability: Implement your own applications for multi-application transponders


Technical Data

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