Securing your long-range transactions


EPC 2.0, Idesco’s long distance reader, recently acquired an ability to secure transponders and applications with security similar to that of DESFire access control deployments. 128-bit AES ciphers can now be deployed to secure EPC tags from cloning and protect transactions from data skimming when tags reply to the reader. Idesco’s long range EPC 2.0, recently updated to EPC class 1 gen2 version 2, now fully supports encrypted EPC tag reading at distances even out to ten meters.

Idesco EPC 2.0 also offers other useful features for applications requiring longer read distance. Their anti-collision design permits them to simultaneously interrogate numerous transponders within their detection zone. EPC 2.0’s adjustable read range and ability to interface an optional external antenna also lets you precisely define interrogation zones even in opposed directions (e.g. opposed vehicle lanes).

If you already own an EPC 2.0, updating it to class 1 gen2 version 2, and encryption capability, is conveniently done by simply exposing it to a configuration card, without uninstalling it from your system.

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