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RFID reader with display and OSDP / OSDP v2

Idesco’s newest RFID display reader is helping create yet another novel use for identification systems. That is because the reader’s screen now permits personalized messages to be displayed to a system’s users after they have been identified. In turn, users may respond to the system via the reader’s function key-enhanced keypad. This results in a two-way, user-to-system communication that’s now proving to support a wider variety of services and dynamic, personalized processes – including simple, self-service payment.

Finnish Vidamin Oy has begun deploying Idesco’s newest keypad display readers in their application solutions. Their Vidamin PlatformX system interfaces seamlessly with Idesco 8 CD 2.0 D Pin readers with the open technology two-way communication protocol, OSDP v2. It permits a wide range of interactivity – enough to support Vidamin Oy’s new applications and the greater value they can offer their customers over traditional access control.

Correspondingly, Vidamin, in tandem with Idesco’s display reader, can now offer its customers easy-to-use, versatile, added-value services. Some of these include:

  • Personalized, welcoming messages with vital time-sensitive information (e.g. reservations, meetings, etc.) Upon arrival, visitors are updated with pending messages in real time;
  • User monitoring (in real-time) of restricted visits/uses. Users limited to a finite number of visits/uses are kept up-to-date on their remaining quota via reader’s display;
  • Keeping time-restricted visitors up-to-date on their remaining duration of access rights
  • Confirmations of accepted payments via payment applications
  • Selecting specific access function via display (e.g. choosing a specific door to open; 1/2/3/4)
  • Enhancing customer experience with direct, convenient customer service contact via display.

Vidamin plans to deploy Idesco’s RFID display readers to serve a variety of applications in locations as diverse as car wash stations, parking halls, unstaffed waste recycling stations and electric car charging stations. It has become clear that combining a display with an RFID reader enhances value and convenience for self-service and cashless payment users anytime, night or day. Additionally, RFID is reliable, convenient, easily-managed centrally and highly cost effective. Since transponders usually cost less than a euro, a lost transponder can be easily and quickly removed from a system and/or replaced.

For over 30 years RFID technology pioneer Idesco Oy has been making RFID readers, transponders, controllers and touch screen devices for customers worldwide. Every day, around the world, our devices collect data and enhance security for systems in industries as diverse as access control, vehicle identification, healthcare, logistics and inventory control.

Vidamin Oy delivers solutions to various applications within logistics, industry, environmental technology, parking and freight deliveries, integrated in existing infrastructure, including access control systems. Vidamin aims at improving traditional processes to more effective.

Additional information:

Idesco Oy, Ari Rossi, Area Sales Manager, ari.rossi@idesco.fi, 050 415 1505

Vidamin Oy, Ville Mikkonen, CTO,  ville.mikkonen@vidamin.com, 050 406 0016

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