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EPC External Antenna

External UHF antenna works like an additional EPC reader at your site, widening its detection zone, even letting it detect a moving tag's direction!

You can unlock powerful new capabilities in your Idesco long-range reader when you add an easily-installed External EPC Antenna. First of all, it’s just as rugged and sensitive as our EPC reader letting the External EPC Antenna cost-effectively expand your reader’s detection zone, monitor traffic in opposing lanes, or even determine the direction of a moving transponder. Compatible with EPC IA, EPC Anticollision or an RS-485 interfaced EPC, this external UHF antenna is fast and easy to install, coming with its own 5 meter cable and installation kit. What can be better than expanding your detection zone without the cost of another reader?

  • Lets you cost-effectively expand the detection zone at your site
  • The external EPC Antenna is readily administered as an independent reader in your system
  • Cost-effective solution for identifying the direction of a moving transponder

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