• Hands free access control reader
  • EPC
  • UHF
  • Passive long range technology

EPC Slim

This compact, doorframe profile UHF reader provides an ideal hands-free access solution for your heavy traffic areas, forklift or hand package handling access control points. Includes variety of powerful security features to protect against transponder cloning.

EPC Slim fills an increasingly popular security niche: hands-free access control. This passive reader solves the problem of transiting access points when your hands aren’t free to wave a transponder over a reader.  Instead, the reader detects badge transponders at distances out to four meters, letting users focus on their patients, package, or steering a forklift – while Idesco EPC opens the door for you.

  • Doorframe profile passive UHF hands-free access reader for long range identification
  • Housing dimensions permit easy fit and installation next to access points
  • Reads transponders in hanging badge holders over clothing: “Hands-free access”
  • Meter for meter, passive technology provides the best buy: Compare both readers AND tags!
  • Long range: Reliable, fast identification of passive (unpowered) tags out to 1-2 meters, in some cases four meters
  • Tough:  IP67 means you can deploy in very inclement conditions with confidence.

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