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Adapter Plate

We designed the Adapter Plate for one of our most popular Idesco DESFire readers, 8 CD 2.0. It perfectly solves the question of how to install RFID fast. Check out the video below to see how it works!

How to install RFID fast and hands down? The faster an installation, the lower the overhead. 8 CD 2.0 A installs fast and conveniently with an adapter plate. An adapter plate quickly attaches to the surface where your cable emerges. After terminal threading, push the reader onto its plate, secure with screws, then attach your company’s adhesive cover and you’re done! Step into enhanced DESFire security readers and their convenient installation with adapter plates. Adapter plate allows you to do your RFID reader installation in two parts; after the cables are threaded, anyone can finish the installation.
  • Installs between reader and the cable
  • Finishes the cabling for the installation
  • Enables fast and convenient reader installations
  • Watch video below to see how fast it installs!



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