• 125 kHz
  • Access control
  • Proximity reader
  • Sokymat reader
  • HID proximity reader
  • EM reader
  • Hitag reader

7 AH

When you need a tough, highly configurable proximity reader 125 kHz 7 AH is your answer: dependable, cost-effective, flexible, with a wide variety of housing options.

7 AH is the perfect low frequency (125 kHz) proximity reader for simple, basic installations, or projects demanding frugal budgets – or even lower energy consumption.  While inexpensive, the 7 AH proximity reader emains rugged and dependable in hostile environments and accommodates a variety of technologies.  Options include an un-housed module that integrates conveniently into vending machines and other devices.

  • Durable and reliable proximity reader
  • Extremely low power consumption – up to 60 % more energy-efficient
  • Eco-sensitive construction
  • Highly configurable, number of features (LED colour configurability, buzzer modes, optical tamper etc.)
  • Several durable housing options
  • Pin pad proximity reader version to provide extra security
  • Available also as OEM reader module

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