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OSDP secures your deployment

Our 30 years experience building RFID products ensures our OSDP readers not only interface seamlessly in OSDP-compliant identification systems but will be reliable and secure. Supporting either OSDP v1 or v2.1.7 protocols, our readers are explicitly designed for compliance across the widest range of OSDP-protocoled systems. So, when you choose an Idesco OSDP reader, you also get a rugged, reliable device enjoying the same first-class, expert customer support regularly praised by our customers. Like all Idesco readers, our OSDP readers are EU-manufactured and supported.

What is OSDP?

OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol) is an open protocol that supports transmission of data bi-directionally, between readers and their hosts (controller and/or system). Originally developed by US-based Security Industry Association (SIA), OSDP was conceived as a communication standard to ensure seamless interoperability between compliant devices sourced from different suppliers. The latest iteration, OSDP v2 (2.1.7), has been enhanced to powerfully secure bi-directional data transmission with effectively unbreakable 128-bit AES encryption.

Why deploy OSDP?

The security of OSDP v2.1.7, shielded by 128-bit AES encryption, makes it effectively impervious to skimming, let alone hacking attempts. OSDP integrators enjoy unsurpassed design and installation flexibility since the protocol also supports serial multi-dropping of readers and controllers across a single circuit. This greatly simplifies deployment, central management (monitoring, reconfiguring), and future system expansion with new devices and/or functionalities. An increasingly popular capability the v2 protocol permits is personalized, downstream messaging to users. A reader with a text screen can display personalized messages to users (e.g. expiration time of temporary credentials). Such two-way communication also simplifies device monitoring and supports centralized, system-mediated updating and configuring.

RFID läsare med display

Sunproof display reader

Idesco OSDP reader's 2,4 inch sunproof colour display is OSDP v2.1.7-compliant, fully-supporting text display. Its raised key mechanical keypad also includes programmable function keys. A keypad backlight increases convenience when using the reader in dark areas. With it, your system can display users' personalized messages or more detailed, visual feedback about reading events (e.g. access granted / access denied / denial reason). Assign the reader different tasks, such as displaying visual instructions to visitors or status/configuration reporting. This OSDP display reader is a secure choice for outdoor deployments, with IP67 protection making it fully dust and moisture proof and an operable temperature range stretching from -30 °C to +55 °C.

Unmatched OSDP flexibility

Idesco OSDP readers complement OSDP's unmatched system flexibility by supporting either MIFARE® Classic or MIFARE® DESFire. Further, our tradition of constantly developing new features and upgrades ensures our readers remain 'future-proofed', giving them longer life-spans, seamless re-configurability and updatability - keeping your costs low. Leverage a powerful capability of OSDP: an ability to 'push' new reader configurations downstream directly from your system! Conveniently, our OSDP readers accommodate either doorframe profile or electrical socket dimension housings as well as optional installation and insulation plates that reduce eddy current interference from metal surfaces or EM-noisy locations and conveniently cover old screw holes left by legacy readers.

LEGIC readers with a variety of interfaces

Idesco builds readers tough

Most Idesco OSDP readers offer the widest operable temperature ranges: -40 °C to +55 °C. with IP67 protection class, they withstand moisture, frost, dust and even immersion in water; ideal for outdoors - no additional covers needed. Since frost or snow can block the keypads of conventional pin pad readers, Idesco offers OSDP keypad readers with no moving keys - ideal for harshly inclement sites. Deploying in areas with vandalism risk can make impact resistance vital. That's why some Idesco OSDP housings enjoy the EN 62262 standard's two highest IK scores, enduring impacts up to 10 and even 20 joules. All housings are cast from fire-tested polymers (both UL94 HB, horizontal, and UL94 V2, vertical inflammation-resistance). Lastly, all readers have tamper alarms, for automatic alerts of dismantling attempts.

RFID modules with OSDP

Idesco also makes RFID modules that support secure OSDP / OSDP v2 for you to embed in your own device or machinery. These modules let you augment any suitable device or machinery with its own OSDP-compliant reader. Their compact 72 x 37,8 x18 mm dimensions ensures a fit in all but the smallest spaces. Modules can be fabricated with either cable or connector (or neither if preferred). If you manufacture readers, Idesco modules with OSDP / OSDP v2 interface give you a truly cost-effective way to expand and enhance your OSDP / OSDP v2 offering.

OEM RFID module with cable


With interest and demand growing for LEGIC readers supporting the OSDP protocol, if you are considering combining these two secure technologies, please contact us for further information. We will happily explore with you a solution that precisely meets your LEGIC / OSDP needs.


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