Hands-free entry, small profile!

If you need transactions at a distance for convenient, ‘hands-free’ access, EPC Slim provides you an ideal solution.

When your hands are full, transiting access points without needing to swipe a tag or card saves a lot of time and effort, especially if your job demands repeated transits of access point throughout a work day. Transacting at distance with access readers using badges worn over clothing is not only convenient but can even improve safety in some workplaces.

If transactions at distance are needed for such ‘hands-free’ access, a UHF (Ultra High Frequency) reader will be your solution. Passive (unpowered, battery-less) tags easily affix over clothing or on caps and will be detected and read as a user approaches an access point’s reader. While some larger UHF readers offer detection out to 10 to 15 meters, most ‘hands-free’ access points often need only 1-2 meters.

This is precisely where Idesco’s EPC Slim becomes your ideal ‘hands-free’ solution. Small, elegant, using passive EPC technology, it readily supports detection of thin, inexpensive and lightweight passive EPC transponders out to 1-2 meters (in some cases even out to 4m) – perfect for most hands-free access points. Best of all, the EPC Slim’s small profile lets you conveniently install it on doorframes, and its IP67 protection class and IK-09 durability rating will let you deploy it confidently outdoors.