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The open, standardized protocol for transferring data, known as OSDP, carries some powerful benefits of interest to system integrators. Most obvious, the latest version (OSDPv2) enhances security by letting you encrypt user data during transmission. Like its earlier iterations, OSDVP2 supports two-way data transmission, and in striking contrast with Wiegand-cabled sites, an OSDPv2 system allows user data to remain encrypted the entire distance from your readers to their system host.

OSDP’s two-way data transmission also supports two unique, powerful capabilities you can expand your system with. The first is an ability to update your downstream readers centrally, from your system. Secondly, user-specific messages or even user feedback during transactions is a dynamic capability that OSDP-supported display readers can implement for your users.

We offer several OSDPv2 reader options:

  • 8 CD 2.0 OSDP – a secure DESFire reader in a variety of housings, including with or without pin pad
  • 8 CD 2.0 Pin D – dynamic, OSDPv2-compliant pin pad DESFire display reader offers extra function keys and menu support, and is able to display user-specific messages and images
  • 8 CD 2.0 MI – reads mobile credentials in smartphones with BLE or NFC connection

Learn why Simac IDS chose Idesco’s OSDP readers.

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