Idesco manufactures reliable RFID readers

Why choose Idesco?

Many system integrators can find the task of introducing a new supplier to their portfolio a bit challenging. Testing a manufacturer’s readers can be costly and lengthy, which doesn’t even consider how arduous justifying the new supplier can be. Here in Idesco, we have understood this for decades. So, why do so many system integrators around the world offer Idesco readers to their customers, and why have their numbers continued increasing?

Certainly, our readers’ unmatched reliability explains some of that. They are designed to achieve the industry’s highest combined IK and IP ratings. Quite simply: they’re tough and reliable. Indeed, readers built more than 30 years ago remain on the job today, as told in this case study of Idesco readers in correctional settings.

However, that aspect camouflages an even more important business benefit. What benefit? Idesco readers’ longevity and reliability reduce their lifespan costs for integrators and their customers alike. That is because readers that might never need replacement or servicing will unavoidably lower a system integrator’s overhead after they have been installed for their customer. Even better, those lowered costs keep system integrators’ customers happy too, which further helps an integrator company’s brand recognition and reputation.

In Idesco, we have always understood that the bottom line for our system integrator customers truly is their bottom line. The better we serve your profitability, the more likely you will become our enduring customer. That is why we never assume a customer’s loyalty. We know we must earn your trust with every order, year after year, constantly seeking ways we can leverage technology to increase Idesco readers’ benefit for you, and for your customers.

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