What is a Transparent reader?


Transparent reader

Transparent readers provide a significantly different method for powerfully strengthening high security access control systems. The security of transparent readers’ relies on eliminating as much hosted data, or software, as possible; essentially, their function depends entirely on instructions their system host sends to them. Their role is similar to loudspeakers in a sound system: hacking a loudspeaker doesn’t let you change the music. Another analogy likens transparent readers to antennae, merely transmitting data to and from transponders and the system, whereas system software determines a transparent reader’s functionality. This is why the French security authority, ANSSI, prescribes transparent readers for sites with the highest security requirements.

However, powerful security isn’t transparent readers’ only benefit – they also massively simplify system updates. How? With all software instructions hosted in the system, device updates are no longer required, even after a comprehensive system change. Any changes to reader functionality can be completely integrated into the system’s software update.

Swedish Infobric chose Idesco’s 9 CD 2.0 Slim Pin T transparent readers to implement a remarkably flexible solution for construction sites. Their system controls both site and equipment access while conveniently collecting data that employers need to fulfill their employee reporting obligations to government authorities. For Infobric, transparent readers greatly simplified system management while also letting them tailor their product to different markets and technology standards.

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