Welcome aboard, Markku Ruuskanen


We are delighted to welcome Markku Ruuskanen to Idesco’s team. He started recently as an Area Sales Manager, taking responsibility for Idesco customers in Benelux countries, as well as Spain and Portugal.

Before coming, Markku had already grown familiar and frequently cooperated with us as a long-standing customer at his previous employer, Stanley Security Oy. Consequently, Markku brings extensive security business experience along with a deep familiarity with access control system architecture and software.

Markku recently commented that, while he was our customer he had grown to appreciate Idesco’s sincere team spirit and striving to share that with its customers. “Idesco’s team truly cares about its customers. You see it when you send a support request then watch your issue get quickly received, replied and resolved.” He added he was always hearing positive feedback about Idesco from end-customers in his previous job.

To his new, Idesco customers, Markku brings a remarkable level of expertise and an intimate familiarity with Idesco and its products combined with an integrator’s insight on the importance of cooperative partnership. As a former Idesco customer he can readily “put himself in the customers’ shoes”. “I had been privileged to work with Idesco for a long time as a customer. I know Idesco well and am delighted to begin contributing to its success story as a part of the team. Idesco’s quality is the best on the market”, says Markku.

Markku works from Sipoo, Helsinki area, where he resides with his wife, two children and three cats.

It is also a privilege for us to bring to the Idesco team someone from one of our longer cooperative partners. Once again, welcome aboard, Markku!

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