Versatile 8 CD 2.0

8 CD 2.0 is Idesco’s most sold reader. The he most sold housing models for 8 CD 2.0 remain Basic and Slim without keypad.

Over the years, MIFARE DESFire has become the most accepted, secure access technology. By contrast, technologies solely reliant on transponders’ unique serial numbers, or UIDs, have grown less popular. no surprise then that 8 CD 2.0 has become Idesco’s most sold reader. You can choose from a wide variety of housings to satisfy different applications or national preferences. We also provide different keypad options – mechanical and capacitive – to satisfy your country’s regulations or standards. So far, however, the most sold housing models for 8 CD 2.0 remain Basic and Slim without keypad.

The Basic housing is small and elegant, only 110 x 43 x 24 mm. It is simultaneously, one of the most robustly reliable and a wise choice for settings from logistics to access control. Indeed, many of Idesco’s first readers in Basic housings remain on the job today, in their original installation site.

Slim and Slim Pin with capacitive keypad, have sleek, narrow profiles designed to fit within standard-sized doorframes. The benefit of Slim Pin’s capacitive keypad is it lacks moving keys, making it robustly reliable in outdoor settings, and much easier to clean. Key pressure from depressing a number is what registers pin code entries.

While VS is equally narrow as Slim, the VS Pin uses a moving key keypad that has become increasingly popular in Scandinavia. By contrast, the dimensions of VM and VM Pin, with mechanical keypad, let them fit over standard-sized electric outlet boxes.

Idesco’s desktop housing sees deployment for a variety of applications. Since it provides both a card holder and interfaces via USB, it is ideal for both transponder programming and applications requiring a card’s continued presence, such as machinery or vehicle access.

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