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Reliability and user-friendliness are vital features of keypad readers. Other keypad characteristics may vary across locations. For example, some countries specify reader keypad requirements for ensuring accessibility and usability across all user populations.

That is why we offer a variety of reader keypads and even angled backplates, that together meet the different requirements found in Europe. Below we offer a short overview of keypad features for when you specify a reader to meet a site’s unique requirements. Remember: when you choose an Idesco reader, we won’t force you to compromise durability or high protection class, whatever model you select.

Tactilely-responsive keypads

To ensure user accessibility, some countries require that access control readers in public spaces provide mechanical, tactile responding keypads. Audible beeps can be configured to provide aural feedback upon a successful key press. For visually-impaired users, a raised tactile dot in the keypad’s center (usually #5) helps them orient to the correct keys. Idesco VM and VS readers integrate just such mechanical keypads. Despite having tactilely-responsive, moving keys, they remain both durable and easy to clean. Both tolerate moisture and impacts quite well, making them ideal in outdoor settings, in all temperatures.

Sleek, capacitive keypad

Capacitive keypads register your key press directly upon the key’s surface. Capacitive is a smart choice if you don’t need moving, tactile keypad functionality. A distinct advantage of capacitive keypads is they are simple to keep clean. They won’t collect dirt, snow or ice between or behind the keys. Their outer sticker, highlighting key locations, is easily replaced when needed. These keypads may also be programmed with audible beeps indicating a successful key press.

Key backlights

All Idesco readers provide configurable LED backlights to their keypads, for convenient use in dark or poorly lit settings. LEDs are programmable to remain constantly lit, only at certain times, or to activate only upon detection of a tag. You may choose LED colors from red, blue, green and yellow as you prefer.

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