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Idesco Mobile Coder lets you modify RFID readers' Bluetooth settings

Mobile identification; (using your phone to gain access or entry) is increasing. Where desired, phones can be used, side-by-side, with conventional access cards in a system. You can digitally send mobile credentials (even temporary) to phones anywhere in the world.

Idesco Mobile Lite, recipient of the 2020 Finnish security innovation award, is an easy-to-use and convenient mobile identification app. You can easily add its credentials to a conventional DESFire system. An even greater convenience is It doesn’t depend on a cloud service. Simply downloading and installing Idesco Mobile Lite app will create its mobile credential in your phone. Registration is easy; just read the phone’s credential with Enrollment Station, then import into your system.

If your company already has its own system, or if you’d prefer implementing your own mobile identification app, we have great news for you. We have developed a new service called Idesco ID that makes integrating mobile identification into your system even easier. Idesco ID works side-by-side with your host system, letting you forward IDs directly to the phones of the users you want to enroll. That lets system admins send credentials directly to users’ phones while working in their host system. A separate, parallel system isn’t needed, even if you only need to centrally send credentials to users’ phones.

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