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Idesco’s new updated Mobile Coder app will soon let you configure an even greater variety of Idesco reader settings, including Bluetooth. Since our readers provide many configurable features, this new Mobile Coder will make adjusting them onsite much simpler and faster. Indeed, Idesco readers’ configurability is what lets them adapt to many different system requirements.

It’s why we made Mobile Coder app so fast and convenient. You won’t even need to physically touch your phone to readers during configuration, which only takes seconds. Additionally, the app’s intuitive interface makes it very user-friendly, saving time and resources whether installing out of the box or updating. You will even be able to administer major updates with Mobile Coder – eliminating most needs for a configuration card. This means the new, updated Mobile Coder will also provide a convenient alternative to system-driven updating, mediated over OSDP.

Easy to use? Simply select the reader, define its new settings, then update. Mobile Coder adjusts (among others) the following parameters:

  • Reader name
  • Bluetooth range (between reader and phone)
  • Reader bit length
  • Buzzer sound
  • Reader address
  • Pin pad backlight
  • LED colour, etc.

Mobile Coder will shortly be available for free in Google Play. Download it soon to learn more!

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