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The convenience of using a smartphone to enter a door has rapidly grown popular. Now, if you choose, you can even entirely replace your access system’s old tags with mobile phone credentials, or keep using tags alongside mobile credentials in the same system.

Are you curious to learn more about mobile identification? Have you thought about integrating mobile ID within your access control system, but aren’t sure how? We are hosting an online event next month to help you learn more about our new mobile credential service under development. In summary, Idesco will launch a new service later this year that lets you administer your site’s Idesco Mobile Lite credentials centrally – from within your own system. This frees you to send credentials directly from your system to users’ phones, without forcing you to run a separate parallel, mobile credential management system. Our June preview event, (to be hosted in Teams) will be announced later. Stay tuned!

In addition to our credential service development, we continue expanding our offering of mobile-compatible readers. From now on, a separate product version of 8 CD 2.0 Display will also read mobile credentials over Bluetooth. 8 CD 2.0 has a 2,4 inch display, keypad and fully-programmable function keys. Completely MIFARE DESFire secure, it also supports the OSDPV2 protocol in a tough, robustly reliable housing you can install outdoors.

8 CD 2.0 Display simplifies interactive tasks that require secure identification (e.g. payment). It combines display, keypad and function keys with a customizable menu capability, for transmitting user-specific responses. This ensures 8 CD 2.0 Pin D can flexibly adapt to a wide range of tasks – and user options and inputs.

Idesco is committed to expanding the convenience of mobile access for integrators and end-users alike. We began with a commitment to user-friendliness, offering users easy Idesco Mobile Lite app installation from Google Play or AppStore. We now continue by expanding the variety of our mobile-supporting readers and developing a credential management solution you will control within your own system.

Introducing Idesco Mobile Lite

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