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We recently launched two new mobile identification applications, Idesco Mobile Lite and Idesco Mobile Cloud. Both apps provide convenient mobile access for users’ smartphones. They allow users to replace their traditional Mifare (incl. DESFire) tags with IDs hosted in their phones, or keep both, using whichever is more convenient or preferable. Both Idesco applications work together with our 8 CD 2.0 MI readers. Naturally, both apps’ transact very securely with the reader using 128-bit AES encryption.

Under Mobile Cloud, a security manager, using their site’s cloud account, invites users to subscribe to the site’s account. After a user subscribes, the security manager defines their group and door-specific privileges. Conveniently, they can also manage reader installations from within the same cloud account. Idesco Mobile Cloud app is available for download in both Google Play and Apple’s App Store, respectively.

Idesco Mobile Cloud readily integrates with existing access control systems. Another notable benefit is it lets site managers create and manage users’ privileges both remotely and globally as needed. For users, they may receive and activate their privileges with their mobile devices regardless of location.

By contrast, Idesco Mobile Lite doesn’t use or need a cloud account. A user simply downloads the Idesco Mobile Lite app (for the moment, just Android device), which automatically creates and stores a credential in their phone. Security managers import this credential to their system after the user brings their phone in for registration via the site’s Enrollment Station reader. The security manager then also defines user privileges. As with Idesco Mobile Cloud, users can retain and use their old Mifare tags along with device’s Idesco Mobile Lite app.

A convenient Idesco Mobile Lite benefit is your system will enroll users’ mobile credentials no differently than it does ordinary access tags. Users don’t need to register online – merely download the app which automatically creates their phone’s credential, for later enrollment in your system. Idesco Mobile Lite is a particularly convenient solution for sites frequently providing temporary, instant access privileges.

Notably, Idesco Mobile Lite provides security managers three distinct security levels to flexibly accommodate their site’s security needs. The highest level compels users to open their phone’s own security locking before being granted access. The next security level requires users activate a screen button provided by the app. The lowest level automatically grants access by phones merely carried in a pocket. This method is particularly convenient in zones where hands-free, yet still authenticated access is preferred.

Whichever security level you choose, Idesco Mobile Lite does not require an active device network connection to transact. Idesco Mobile Lite transacts over or BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connection.

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