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Our recent launch, Idesco Mobile Lite, has attracted quite a bit of market interest recently. No surprise though, since it was designed to be very user-friendly and easily managed. First, Mobile Lite does not require online registration or cloud service. Users simply download the app to their android phones which automatically creates their phone’s device ID. This ID is easily enrolled into your access system via a separately-sold Enrollment Station. Once enrolled, users can gain entrance using their mobile phones, according to the one of three security levels you define at each door’s reader: 1) hands-free automatic (e.g. phone in pocket), 2) application button press required, 3) access only after user opens their phone’s own, active security protocol, e.g. fingerprint, pattern, or pin code.

In addition to providing a convenient solution wherever temporary access rights are commonly-issued, Mobile Lite also lets security managers flexibly define their site’s different security zones. You can simply choose to expand your traditional MIFARE system with a mobile option that works alongside tags, or replace those tags completely – whenever and whichever you prefer.

Best of all, Idesco’s 8 CD 2.0 MI readers, that transact with Idesco Mobile Lite phones, are easily updated by exposure to a programmed configuration card.

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