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Transparent reader

A transparent reader permits systems to provide truly unmatched high security. Transparent readers, also known as front-end devices, wholly eliminate the risk of reader or transaction skimming. How? Because they are merely a transaction platform, forwarding a transponder’s data back to a system. Indeed, France’s security authority ANSSI states only transparent readers meet its highest, level 1 architecture requirement.

Yet transparent readers possess other significant benefits. For example, system updates are conveniently implemented with little or no cascading, downstream impacts on devices. Since readers don’t host data or software, physical device or software updates aren’t needed. This frees your performance of both system updates and development fast, flexibly, conveniently.

That is why Sweden’s Infobric chose Idesco’s transparent readers for their system. Idesco’s 9 CD 2.0 Slim Pin T simplified management and control of their construction site system, while helping them adapt it to different markets and technology standards.

“There are several identification card standards we adapt our products and systems to work with. So, we really wanted a card reader we could use in all our markets, without needing different hardware updates after a system upgrade or launching a new functionality across our different markets.  The “transparent” reader from Idesco turned out to be the perfect solution”, says Björn Hilliges, IT & Electronics Director at Infobric. Learn more!

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