Toughest readers endure: quality remains


For 30 years, Idesco has believed product and service quality are the primary values our customers expect us to remain faithful to. When we began, we quickly learned that a reader impervious to inclement Nordic weather and reliable in all conditions will always keep overall system costs lower. From then on, we began to meet the changing demands of the market by constantly researching and offering new readers and features and steadily improving our support expertise.

Today, we continue ‘raising the bar’ on ourselves, striving to design products just a little bit better.  Our latest mechanical keypads are a good example, functioning reliably in cold weather and repelling moisture and dust just as well as predecessors – with no additional ‘outdoor covers’ needed. Design, production and technical support work side-by-side under a short chain of command, ensuring superior, made-in-Europe quality enhanced by an agile, award-winning customer support team that further reduces your system costs.

It has been deeply satisfying that our customers over the past three decades have appreciated our commitment to these values. In reply, as one of Europe’s most experienced RFID reader manufacturers, we re-commit to the path our customers have shown we should follow.

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