Thanks for very positive feedback!

Thanks, all of you who participated in the customer survey where we scored 4,75 out of 6 – again higher than industry average.

Thank you, all of you who participated in the customer survey we conducted earlier this year. Once again, the survey evaluated our customer relations, product quality, our order-delivery process and business partnership. Our average score was 4,75 out of 6 – once again higher than the industry’s average.

Results showed our customers remain very satisfied with our performance with, distinct satisfaction expressed for Idesco’s technical support, expertise and fast response to questions. Notably, our score for customer support (5,2) continued its upward trend, reflecting our constant effort to further improve service. We just added (see above) and will continue adding sales resources to further enhance service. Altogether, these factors affirm our guarantee you can continue relying on Idesco’s fast, professional and responsive support in the future.

The access control industry’s diversifying needs prompted our recent introduction of new products; e.g. readers with mechanical keypads, a display reader, etc. In the near future we plan to expand our product line even further, including partnering to bring to market the best, most secure mobile credential solution.

Survey results and interviews revealed that our customers’ deep appreciation for Idesco service stems from how strongly it supports their own business development. In particular, you and your fellow customers stated how much you value our nearly 30 year industry experience and familiarity with the wide range of industries you all serve. We are truly grateful to hear how much Idesco’s expertise and flexibility continue nurturing the deep cooperation and partnership we have built with so many of you.

I assure you Idesco will remain your trusted partner. We are always open to even closer cooperation and dialogue with our customers, and are always ready to share our expertise, e.g. in trainings, webinars, etc. Constant improvement and deepening partnership are our ambitions – so we will continue monitoring and adapting to your feedback in the future.

Once again, I sincerely thank you for your participation and generous help in this vitally important survey.