EPC transponders for any purpose


We’ve begun offering two new EPC transponders for long range identification applications. If you need to avoid using screws to attach your tag to a metal surface, you’ll find our new EPC Omni-ID IQ transponder a perfect solution. It attaches with a self-adhesive label. Alternatively, our flexible, water-resistant EPC Silicone tag WT-A521 GR comes with a silicone surface that makes it ideal for affixing to fabrics. This technology has already been deployed successfully for streamlining clothing laundry processes in hospitals.

So, whether you have fabric or problematic metal surfaces you need to mark, these two new transponders are now available to solve your long range identification requirements. In short, we now provide a wide range of passive EPC tags for a variety of settings and applications, as shown below.

Metal surfaces

Idesco EPC Metal Tag ABS
Suitable for logistic applications, can be installed also on other than metal surfaces.

Idesco EPC Ultra Tag ABS 
Robust, durable transponder, a little bit larger in size, suitable for marking cargo and containers. Suitable also for other surfaces than metal surfaces.

Self-adhesive label transponder for logistics and different asset tracking applications of goods with metal surfaces.


Idesco EPC Windshield Label
Windshield label for vehicle identification applications. The transponder becomes disabled when removing, meaning that it can’t be removed and used again in another vehicle.

Cloth marking

EPC Silicone tag WT-A521 GR
Flexible, washable silicone transponder for streamlining laundry logistics.

Cards for access control / combined access control and vehicle identification

ldesco EPC MIFARE Card ja EPC + HID Prox card
Convenient access and data collection with a combined access control / vehicle identification card. The card is readable with an EPC reader and a smart card or a prox card reader, meaning that users can access the parking lot and their workplace using the same card. Available with EPC and MIFARE® Classic or DESFire, or with EPC and HID Prox technologies.

Idesco EPC Sail Tag
Small EPC transponder for access control solutions.

Please read more in EPC transponders datasheet and EPC product family datasheet.

Download useful tutorial about installing readers and tags in vehicle automation applications.

New LEGIC® reader 8 CL 2.0

8-CL-2.0LEGIC® is a secure, readily updatable technology with an architecture that flexibly supports multiple deployed applications within a single system. Idesco’s new 8 CL 2.0 reader was developed to robustly support LEGIC® Prime and Advant technologies in addition to other card technologies like MIFARE® DESFire and Classic. Of course, Idesco designed its new LEGIC® readers to be just as flexibly configurable and durable as its other readers. Want to learn more? Check out 8 CL 2.0’s datasheet and housing options!