Taina Parkkinen, software designer


When Taina Parkkinen joined Idesco’s team over a year ago, she began reinforcing Idesco’s embedded software design and documentation. Since then, her versatile tasking expanded to contributing product user manual content.

When new software has been approved, it becomes part of the final production phase of manufacturing: embedding into readers. Taina has been helping production’s team migrate to a new programming tool for use in that phase.

Like her teammates, Taina has come to appreciate having all her colleagues under the same roof.  “Whenever help is needed, it is easier asking with a workmate besides you. It is such a powerful convenience simply walking a few steps to chat with customer support or production since we are all in the same building – as compared to sending an e-mail somewhere then waiting for answer”, Taina notes.  “Everyone here is ready to help. A concrete sign of our good working atmosphere here is everyone gathers together for a cup of coffee on breaks”, Taina adds.

Outside work, Taina devotes her free time to a remarkable list of associations, organizations and no small number of positions of trust. All her three children are scouts, with both parents actively participating in scouting alongside.  “Scouting is a hobby that very often and quickly involves the whole family”, Taina laughs.

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