Syntegro embeds AESCO protocol


Syntegro’s SynApp-MAX-embedded access control software, together with Idesco’s 8 CD 5 2.0 AES, has created one of the most secure access control combinations currently available on the market.

For partners and integrators already familiar with Idesco’s other reading technologies, Syntegro’s offering equates to an enormous advantage since, when they select these new Syntegro IP-controllers and access control software, they can be utterly confident of thoroughly satisfying any customers’ request for the most robust high security.

From the very outset of Syntegro’s and Idesco’s collaboration, achieving such high security was their shared and stated goal. Correspondingly, R & D in both Idesco and Syntegro worked closely together for months developing and then testing the secure protocol.

The schematic below illustrates the features of their shared reader-controller integration.


Notably, Idesco’s 8 CD 5 2.0 AES reader had already been designed to provide truly staggering security for a variety of access control, data collection or person identification applications. Embedded with robust 128-bit AES encryption, this supremely secure, NFC-compliant access control reader was already bringing savings from lower energy consumption and its fast, simplified upgrade-ability. With its unbeaten convenience, configurability and security – 8 CD 5 2.0 AES, like its cousins, epitomized solid Finnish engineering by anticipating and meeting a site’s future needs.

When partnered with Syntegro’s SynApp-MAX controller, the 8 CD 5 2.0 AES encrypts with a 128-bit AES cipher whatever data it interrogates in transaction from a user’s transponder. Only then is this deeply-encrypted data transmitted to SynApp-MAX, which subsequently decrypts it before processing. The result? Even the most sophisticated side-hack attempts on reader-controller communication are soundly defeated.

Syntegro nv is focused on the development of this platform and the intelligent hardware required for this security range (IP-Control unit, door control unit, etc.) Syntegro will only offer products when they have clearly proven to add value once integrated. Currently, standard connections with Building Management Software, HR-Software, IAM software etc., are available.

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