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Everyone shares in the responsibility to protect our environment. At Idesco, we strive to ensure our products leave the smallest possible ecological footprint across all phases of their life span: through manufacturing and use to disposal at end-of-life. Since Idesco products are EU- manufactured, they must comply with Europe’s stricter environmental regulations.

In addition to raw material conservation and active participation in product end-of-life recycling, we strive to do more. For a long time, we have worked to minimize our products’ energy consumption. This not only shrinks their ecological footprint – it allows additional positive environmental effects to follow in turn: systems with lower total energy consumption require fewer peripherals.

RFID readers can last for a long time, unlike consumer electronic devices commonly ‘engineered for obsolescence’ after only a few years. Notably, Idesco’s durable, maintenance-free readers regularly last decades of service. That is because we engineer them for updating via configuration cards, extending their utility further, increasing their cost-effectiveness – further decreasing their ecological footprint. Since most Idesco products adhere to MIFARE®’s open standard, they are compatible with other manufacturers’ MIFARE® devices. That means expanding or changing your system won’t force replacement of all your devices.

Idesco already builds products tasked with helping protect the environment, minimize raw material use or reduce spoilage. For, in general, RFID solutions often help streamline operations, by optimizing routes that also reduce fuel consumption, for example. In access control, RFID’s benefits are even clearer. A lost transponder only needs its credentials removed from your system – no waste or sustained cost is suffered from replacing and removing locks.

We invite you to learn more about Idesco sustainability here, where you can also access Idesco’s Environmental Plan.

Also see how our customers have reduced work glove use, streamlined waste management and minimized fuel consumption with Idesco RFID solutions.

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